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We provide you with translations and certified translations from and into a number of different languages by highly qualified professional translators. Our main working languages are Finnish, English, Russian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French and Italian, but thanks to our extensive network of proven translators, we are able to offer translations into all EU languages and many others, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Our clients are mainly companies and organisations operating in the private and public sectors, but we serve private individuals, too.

Our translators have extensive experience of translating legal and commercial texts, annual reports, export documents, marketing material, scientific and technical texts and various official certificates. All our translators are seasoned professionals, and most have a master’s degree in translation studies. All of our translations are either translated or proofread by a native speaker of the target language, which ensures idiomatic, high-quality communication of your message to your intended target group. All our translators comply with the principles of confidentiality required by law and good professional ethics. 

We always choose the best possible translator for each assignment depending on the language pair, the subject matter and the target group and culture. This is our way of ensuring that the translation meets your needs. Translation is not merely about putting words into another language; instead, the intended purpose of the translation must always be taken into account. Legal texts must be as accurate a rendition as possible of the original text, whereas translating marketing material is not about translating words but rather meanings and images, which requires excellent knowledge of the target culture. A perfectly good marketing text in Finnish might not work in another language, and vice versa.

A certified translation refers to a translation certified by a sworn translator, which means that the translation is considered a legally valid document. Certified translations are needed when applying for a job or a university in another country, for the recognition of a foreign degree or qualification in Finland, or when there is a change in international family relations, for example. A typical source text of a certified translation is a document granted by the authorities that is being translated into another language for the authorities of another country.

As a rule of thumb, certified translations can only be made from the original document or a copy of it that is certified by a notary public or another authority. Depending on the recipient of the certified translation, you might also need to have the translation legalised by a notary public (apostille) or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. We are happy to give you further information and assist you in obtaining the required legalisations. 

The price of a translation depends on the length of the document, the deadline, and the possible special expertise or creativity needed. We aim to agree flexibly on prices and deadlines to meet our clients’ needs, while considering the time needed for high-quality work. The General Terms and Conditions of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters apply.

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