We value and respect your privacy.

What information do we process?

In the invoicing phase, the billing address and the name of the contact person / subscriber are entered in the customer data.

Where is your information processed?

Our office is as paperless as possible and therefore your information is secure in that regard. The computer, on which your data is processed, and the backups are protected by encryption. Our e-mail servers are managed by a third party that complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Customer relationships with us result in customer information being stored in our accounting and invoicing software. The data will be deleted at the end of the statutory period. Our customer information is never used for advertising, but may be used to send Christmas greetings. If you are wondering whether your information is in our customer register, you can ask the registrar and, if necessary, request the deletion of your information.

Customer invoicing information appears in printed accounting as invoice copies. Accounting is handled locally and maintained in our office for the statutory period. Another situation where customer information can end up on paper is when we, regrettably, have to collect our receivables by means of legal proceedings.

Disclosure of information

Your information will not be further disclosed without an order by a court of law or an authority.


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Content updated on 13.4.2019